ExcelSteel 18/10 Stainless Steel 4-Egg Poacher
Constructed in stainless steel for durability
Stay cool handle
Easy to clean
Norpro Non-Stick 4-Egg Poacher
Cook perfect poached eggs at home! Great for making eggs benedict or an open-faced sandwich!
Poach 1 to 4 eggs at a time, quickly and easily.
For use in skillets or pans, 9-inches or larger.
Maximatic Elite Cuisine Egg Cooker
Your 100% satisfaction is our top priority! We guarantee it!
Cook up to 7 eggs in soft, medium, or hard boiled firmness, while saving time and water.
Fill measuring cup with water to the desired firmness, press the power button once and within minutes your eggs will be "Egg-Celent!"

Best egg poachers

Eggs are a common food in our diets, and they are mostly present in our breakfast. There are several ways you can cook an egg. You can scramble it, boil it, fry it, and whatever else you can think off. However, my favorite method of preparing an egg is to poach it. Before finding out about egg poachers, I used the traditional way to poach an egg. I put a pan with water on the stove, wait for the water to approach the boiling temperature, whirl the water with a spoon, and then release the egg into the water. Seems pretty simple, right? But an egg poacher makes the process even easier.

An egg poacher is a kitchen device that can help you poach an egg more conveniently. There are multiple types of egg poachers, the one that you put in a pan or the electric egg poacher. Some even come with their own pan. The point is that there is more than one type of egg poachers, and we love them all.

The benefits of having an egg poacher

Our kitchens are full of appliances and tools that make our cooking process more convenient and easy. Not to mention that the food gets cooked better. As for egg poachers, only a professional chef can achieve the perfect poached egg. Us mortals need to settle for the egg poacher, but even so, it is not so bad. At least we do not have to poach them using the traditional way anymore. Here are the advantages of having an egg poacher.

  • Eggs Benedict – for me, eggs Benedict is reason enough to buy a poached egg. That is because I love them, and I could have them every day. Before getting the egg poacher, I used to make eggs Benedict as often as I could, but all that hassle with poaching the eggs and making the Hollandaise was too much some days. And I do not know if you have ever tried eggs Benedict with a ruined poached egg before, but I am telling you that the egg can ruin the entire recipe. An egg poacher can eliminate the risk of destroying the egg so you can make eggs Benedict as often as you like.
  • Poached eggs are healthier – according to science, having a diet with high levels of protein and low levels of fat is crucial for our health, which is why we should consume one and avoid as much as possible the other. That is kind of difficult when you scramble or fry an egg, is it not? However, an egg poacher requires nothing but water and the eggs. There is no oil and no fat other than the one in the egg itself.
  • Poached eggs hold a nutritional value – unlike fried or scrambled eggs, poached eggs (together with boiled eggs) have a low content of calories. If you are trying to lose a few pounds or you are on a diet as a part of a gym regimen, an egg poacher is what you need.
  • Poached eggs have fewer toxins – to poach an egg, you need to water to have a temperature of only 212 degrees Fahrenheit. If you fry, bake, or scramble eggs, the temperature reaches 400 degrees. As you can see, that is double. Apparently, high-temperature cooking produces some toxic compounds called advanced glycation end products. Some of those oxidize body tissue, and that leads to inflammation, heart disease, and even diabetes. That is why doctors recommend that you eat your eggs steamed, poached or boiled. There are close to no toxins in them.

What to consider when buying an egg poacher

The moment you do a quick search, you will learn that there are hundreds of egg poachers online from several manufacturers. Picking just one may prove to be a challenge. That is why you need to determine some criteria and choose the best egg poacher for you. If you do not know what to look for in such a device, here is what you need to consider.

  • The size – not all egg poachers are designed to accommodate the same number of eggs. You can find egg poachers that can cook only two eggs at once, while other can cook seven. This is something you should decide depending on who you are cooking for. If you have a large family, an egg poacher with a large capacity is recommended. Even so, I cook only for myself and bought a 4-egg poacher.
  • Type – as I mentioned earlier, not all egg poachers are designed to be used in the same way. Some are made to be used on the stove, while others can be placed in the microwave. At the same time, there are electric egg poachers, but they are usually multi-purpose egg cookers.
  • Materials used for construction – the material used for the construction of an egg poacher depends on how it is designed to be used. For example, stovetop egg poachers are generally made of anodized aluminum or stainless steel, while the ones that you use in the microwave are made of plastic. As for the latter, my only comment is that you go for a plastic egg poacher that does not contain BPA.
  • Non-stick coating – it does not matter what type of egg poacher you are buying, but the non-stick coating matters more than you think. Poached eggs are very fragile, and it does not take much to break it. If the surface of the egg poacher you buy is not non-stick, you will have your eggs ruined. But a non-stick egg poacher will leave your eggs intact when you pour them into your plate.
  • Ease of use – the best egg poacher should be easy to use, especially the electric type. At the same time, if you want one that goes on the stove, my advice is to go for a model that has a stay-cool handle to avoid burning your hands. A lid is also essential, although not all egg poachers have one. Lastly, if you could buy a dishwasher-safe egg poacher, you would make your life easier.
  • Versatility – in my opinion, the versatility feature applies mostly to electric egg poachers. A lot of models that you find on the market have many features, among which you can find the poaching function. These devices can also boil or steam eggs. I find it useful since you cannot eat poached eggs only, but this is entirely up to you.

What are the best egg poachers?

I have an egg poacher, and for me, it is the best since I learned how to use it properly and got used to it. However, there are many other models out there that probably deserve to be called the best. Just follow the criteria mentioned above, and you will choose the best egg poacher for you. At the same time, reading some egg poachers reviews online could not hurt since you can learn more about a particular product that caught your eye. After all, people who bought it can say whether or not it is worth the investment. In the meantime, take a look at the products presented below.

ExcelSteel 18/10 Stainless Steel 4-Egg Poacher

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I decided to start with this one because it is the one I bought two years ago. Needless to say, I still use it to this day because I am very satisfied with it. It kept its integrity, and it looks just like the day I bought it. There are a few microscopic scratches on the bottom from the stove, but that does not even count. It is an excellent product, and I strongly recommend it.

Before buying this product I used to poach eggs using the traditional method, but once I got the poacher, poaching eggs was and still is a child’s play. The pan is very easy to use, and you should get the hang of it pretty fast. On the plus side, you can remove the cups and use the pan by itself. I never did, but you can. The model is made of high-quality stainless steel, which makes it last for a very long time, and the stay-cool handle has never burned my fingers. It is pretty safe to use.

The surface of the egg cups features a non-stick coating. It never happened to me for my eggs to get stuck in them, so there is no reason to believe it will happen to you. The vented glass lid keeps the steam inside but allows you to monitor the eggs. The base is encapsulated for an even heat distribution because stainless steel on itself is a poor heat conductor. Overall, this is an egg poacher that deserves your attention. It has served me flawlessly for the last two years, and I am sure that it will serve you as well. All the parts are dishwasher safe.

Norpro Non-Stick 4-Egg Poacher

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The next item on my list is a bit different than the previous product. It is an egg poacher that can cook from 1 to 4 eggs at once, and you need to place it in a skillet or a frying pan that is 9 inches in diameter or larger. It is very easy to use, and I do not see why you could not find it convenient even without the pan. You can make eggs Benedict or open-face sandwiches in no time.

This egg poacher also has a coating that prevents the eggs from sticking to it. That should help you make poached eggs every single time. Plus, it makes the cleanup effortless, but you can always put the poacher directly in the dishwasher.

One of the things that I am sure you are going to appreciate is the stay-cool knob in the center of the poacher. You do not have to burn your hands or use clamps to remove the poacher from the pan. Just grab the knob and pull the poacher out. It is that simple. The only thing that this product is missing is a lid, but other than that, this is an excellent egg poacher. I can see myself using it.

Maximatic Elite Cuisine Egg Cooker

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If the eggs are in your diet every single day, then you may want something else other than poached eggs. While this electronic device can do that, it can also make an omelet, scrambled eggs, and boiled eggs. Basically, this machine can take an egg and cook it using several methods. It is a product that is on my wishlist.

The Maximatic egg cooker can prepare up to 7 eggs at once. In can make them soft, medium, and hard-boiled. It saves time and water, and the eggs come out perfect every single time. The shell is easy to peel afterward, and the cleanup is a piece of cake.

The device is quite effortless to use. Just fill the measuring cup with the egg to see if it fits, press the power button, and your eggs will come out done in only a few minutes, depending on the firmness you want. The Maximatic egg cooker features an auto-off button and a cooking timer so that your eggs are perfect. The package contains the measuring cup, the egg tray, the poaching tray, and the omelet tray.

My recommendation

I think that no matter which product you select, you will be delighted with your choice. However, I think I will remain loyal to my ExcelSteel 18/10 Stainless Steel 4-Egg Poacher. It is durable, it is efficient, and I am happy to report that in 2 years I did not ruin one single egg. For me, it is one of the best egg poachers you can hope for.


If you ask a professional chef what he or she learned first in culinary schools, he or she will tell you the same thing: I learned how to poach an egg. Maybe it is not the first per se, but it is among the first things they teach you. That is because poaching an egg is difficult using the traditional way, and it leads to a lot of frustration. Well, not anymore. With an egg poacher, anyone can poach an egg. And it comes out perfect from the first try. Click here to buy on Amazon

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